Watching Project Gutenberg

Hello! This is Gene Venable. I had a site called ChessWatch for many years, working with KasparovOnline and Internet Chess Club and independently. Now my interests have shifted, though I still play chess obsessively.

The big story of the Internet is the culture availablity explosion that affects us all. Suddenly we have free and low-cost access to aspects of our culture that was heretofore restricted. Books such as the Dialogues of Plato or Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire that could once only be purchased at a hefty price or lugged home from the library are now available at no cost.

What is available? How can you use it? What is coming? What are the implications of these changes?

This free information explosion is led by sites such as Wikipedia and Project Gutenberg. The Gutenberg wing of the explosion will be observed from here.

Coming soon: Software that helps you use Project Gutenberg, including FBReader, Gutenbrowse, and others. Write me at with comments and ideas, or post them here.


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